Hairways frequently asked questions.

We at hairways have tried our best to make our system easy to use,the following are some frequently asked questions. Also read our Terms of Service. If you cant find your questions answered bellow then please feel free to contact us

What is hairways?

Hairways is here to bridge the gap between Salon owners and their (prospective)Castomers We do this by providing Salons a platform to be found by their castumers. Castomers can see and rank Salons and review or write a short review of Salons they have visited. They can also book for Salon services from their Salon of via Hairways.

How do I get my Salon listed?

Simple just create an account with us and confirm Your email address. Then from your dashboard feed in your Salon details and choose your favourite plan. Once your subscription is confirmed your salon will be up and running.

What is your pricing?

We try to have friendly prices just to keep our servers running and give a token to give to our developers. You get a one month free after that you choose a plan starting from as low as Ksh.950/Month see our pricing for more informantion

Why is my Salon not listed in the front page?

To be listed in the front page, you will need to upgrade your current subscription or find higher ranking by your custmers. Remind them to rate you on Hairways Kenya after serving them.

How do you prevent unlegit ratings

We have scrips dedicated for doing exarctly that. Also Viewers can only rate after visiting the . The salon owner must also confirm their visiting. "Hakuna mbuzi kuruka kamba."

How do I review,like and or rank a salon?

Before you can like,review and or rank a salon you have to book a service from that salon. However anyone can view all the above anytime.